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As a Vet, what do the different messages mean on the Authorised user search?

When we are sure of who the keeper of the pet is, we'll show you their details. Sometimes we ask that you contact us. Here's what these messages mean

We have to be careful with the information we display on our authorised user search. We'll only display the pet owner information when we're comfortable this detail is accurate. When you search a microchip on our platform and we can show you the pet owners information. We will show you the following:

You'll also see on this page if the Keeper has added any additional contacts, vet details or if a rescue has added Rescue Back up. Lastly in the bottom section we'll show you any other databases who may have information on the microchip. 

What others messages might I see?

We will display the below message when we're not comfortable we have the most accurate details. A few of the scenarios where we might display this are:

  • There is an ongoing dispute around this pet
  • There is a welfare case ongoing
  • The details are protected (In cases such as Domestic abuse)
  • We only have implanter details and we need to conduct some extra checks

It's important to contact us directly in this situation. You can open a support ticket on this page or where it's urgent call our 24/7 phone number.

Next up is if another database has information on the microchip. You may see this. We recommend contacting the displayed database for more information:

Lastly, if we display the below message we nor any other UK database has information on the microchip. In this case, we always recommend checking EuroPetNet