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How do I register microchips as an implanter?

Find out how microchip implanters register MyPet microchips

We have several different ways to register microchips as an Implanter. 

Using our MyPet Platform

Registration by pet owners using microchip cards

Breeders rehoming pets

Using our MyVet platform

We recently made MyVet available to our implanter customers to allow them to register MyPet microchips. We are in the middle of developing a brand new implanter portal for breeders and implanters. MyVet allows an implanter to:

  • Register microchips quickly to new keepers. WATCH HERE
  • A quick way to register litters to breeders WATCH HERE
  • Ability to see a full history of all registrations WATCH HERE

We provide cards with every microchip

We provide cards with every microchip and the video below shows you how this works for your customers. You can also see the pet owner help article HERE.

Registering and then rehoming

Many of our breeders first register the microchips to themselves and then rehome the pet to the new keeper. To do this first the pet breeder must register the microchip by following the steps below. (These steps are the same as the pet keeper registration process)

Registration process

Step 1

Go to this URL: Enter your email and password. Click Sign up

Step 2

Enter your details and click next

Step 3

Enter your pet details and click next

Step 4

If you have other pets to add click another and follow step 3 again. 

Step 5

When you've added all your pets click Complete registration. A registration certificate will then be sent via email.

You can also watch the video below which walks you through the registration process step by step

Registering if you have a MyPet Card

Rehoming process

Check out the video below or scroll past the video to find step-by-step instructions on how to transfer/rehome a pet to a new owner/keeper. 

Step 1

First log into your account here:

Once logged in you’ll see the screen below. Click Pets to access all the pets on your account.


Step 2

Once you have clicked the pet you wish to transfer, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the option “Re-home pet”.



Step 3

After clicking this button you’re presented with a form to enter the new owner's details. At the minimum, we need the new owner's email address. You can click “show more” to enter all the pet owner details. We will follow up with the pet owner by email to get any missing details. Let them know to look out for an email from us!

Once you’ve entered all the details click “Rehome pet”

  • You only need to enter their email address. The new owner will get an email from us to confirm all their details.
  • You can enter all their details by clicking "Show more"

The pet is only transferred when the new owner confirms. They will get an email instantly when you click re-home. If they can't see it, ask them to check their junk folder just in case. 🙂

You’ll get the below message when you click “Rehome Pet”. 

  • Always ask the new owner to check their junk mail if they don't see the email
  • You can re-send the email by rehoming the pet again
  • If you have any issues contact us HERE