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Registering microchips using MyVet

Find out how to register microchips using MyVet

Firstly click on microchips on the top bar in MyVet.


Once you’ve entered the microchip area the first thing to do is search for the microchip number you’re registering. These are assigned to your account when purchase MyPet microchips. If you purchase from a wholesaler you add your own microchips. Check out THIS ARTICLE

You can register in 2 ways for your customer:

1. You can just enter the microchip number and email address. We’ll then email the pet owner to complete their details.

2. You can enter all their details and all their pet's details. In this case, we will email the pet owner and ask them to check and confirm the details. If there are any details you’re not sure of just leave them blank and the pet owner can fill them in on confirmation.

You’re all done

We will follow up three times to ask the pet owner to confirm, but don’t worry we register their microchip as soon as you enter their details. 

You can also watch this video which walks you though the whole process: